Powerful resources

Know-how, manpower, machinery

To be successful on the construction sector today, it takes a well balanced combination of professional know-how, a powerful team of experts, skilled workers and logistics specialists together with continuous provisions of construction material and machinery. Trimodalbau offers excellent, powerful resources on all levels.

Our team of over 80 employees is expanding all the time and kept up-to-date with the very latest research findings through continuous further training. Our technical equipment consists of an efficient fleet of heavy and light machinery, including various items of loading equipment, rail grabbers, excavators, caterpillars, generators and power wrenches, so that we can meet all demands with our own equipment. We also procure most of our construction materials from our own raw material sources and production facilities. We can thus warrant continuous provisions of materials that always offer the same high standard of quality, to produce work results that are unique in every respect.