Track construction

Safeguarding the best connections

Modern rail traffic depends on a strong, reliable infrastructure that withstands high loads and intensive use over many years. Trimodalbau takes on all the services associated with in new-builds and repairs of track facilities. We cover the full scope involved in this discipline, from the surveying and tolerance testing of tracks and points via welding and passivation work as well as replacing worn-out sleepers and installing new ones. The work involved here entails providing and coordinating large items of state-of-the-art machinery as well as track construction cranes and tamping machines for tracks and points, all from our own fleet for swift, economical and punctual workflows.

We make sleepers and ballast from first-class raw materials from our own production sources. This gives us the assurance that our track construction projects will satisfy our own strict standards from planning through to execution. Here too, Matthäi only employs skilled professionals who focus on devising and implementing track facilities. We work together closely with public authorities and operators of ports, loading yards and shunting facilities. As a result, we can reliably avoid unnecessary hindrances and delays in on-going operations.